Dj's Producers, Organisators & Founders of the Muzk!

Balkan Madness parties, first started playing Balkan & Gypsy mixed with al kinds of world music in Antwerp around 2009.

Now, they are well known in the national & international Balkan scene for their electronic flavoured remixes from artists like, Bubamara Brass Band, Ambrassband, Budapest Klezmer Band, Dr. Bajan, Antwerp Gipsy Orkestar... and the official remixes on the Kaligola Disco Bazar, Mr Zarko & Black Masala Remixed Ep's.

So be prepared:

with Lazarus Soundsystem on the decks you're in for a night filled with the best Balkan & Gypsy music that will even make sober people dance like they're drunk! 


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