Dj Big Tone is a vinyl-eating music junk from Geel who collects all the musical goodies he can get his greedy hands on. And the best part of it all is that he melts all these gems in one hell of a dj-set: from authentic ska, rocksteady, early-reggae and rhythm&blues to rock-’n-roll, boogaloo, soul, funk, cumbia, dub, dancehall and so on. What the heck, and if the crowd wants Balkan or drum & bass, drum & bass and balkan it is! Whatever style he spins, you can bet your grandma’s teeth on it that he’ll shake your ass like a monkey’s butt!
Besides big festivals like Reggae Geel, Fiesta Mundial or Mano Mundo he also gladly set smaller clubs and pubs on fire. So, if you’re in the mood for some truly great tunes to upgrade your party, don’t hesitate to check out this guy.

Dj blue man .... vintage global grooviness, deep & uplifting ...
Already experienced some long sweaty nights with perfect match Big Tone!
Deep & uplifting at the same time.


Big Tone & Blue man are both Residence DJ @ Wolwinkel (Geel)


DJ’s Big Tone en Blue Man (uit euhm... Geel) zijn een perfecte match. Handelsmerken van hun platonische relatie: lange zweterige nachten, collectieve climaxen en allesvernietigende passie. Voor (bijna) alle soorten muziek. Global grooviness en poepschudderij!